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  • A60 Marine Fire Proof Door

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    A60 Marine Fire Proof Door

    We are a professional company engaged in the suppliy and sale of A60 marine fire proof door . Description of A60 Marine Fire Proof Door: A60 fire proof marine door is a specially designed marine fire proof door that is particularly suitable for drilling platforms and bulkhead...

  • A60 Watertight Marine Hatches

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    A60 Watertight Marine Hatches

    Guaranteeing stable and timely supply, credible quality and sincere service, our A60 watertight marine hatches sell well in both domestic and overseas markets. Description of A60 Watertight Marine Hatches: Be different from general marine hatch cover , A60 watertight marine...

  • Quick Action Watertight Door

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    Quick Action Watertight Door

    Zhiyou Marine is a professional marine watertight door supplier in China. Our marine watertight doors sell well in many shipyards and marine companies. Description of Quick Action Watertight Door: This kind of watertight door is extremely suit for marine watertight bulkhead...

  • Marine Doors

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    Marine Doors

    Marine doors are closing device of marine ships' entrance. According the material of ship's bulkhead or wall, there are two installation means bolted and welded. Most of marine steel doors are welded type.

  • Marine Aluminum Door

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    Marine Aluminum Door

    Material:Aluminum Alloy. Nominal Size:1200×600--1800×900mm. Installation Model:Welded and Bolted. Opening Model:Clips Opening, Quick Action etc. Approval:ABS,CCS,LR,BV etc.

  • Marine Aluminum Hatch Cover

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    Marine Aluminum Hatch Cover

    Material: Aluminum Alloy. Type: Weathertight, Watertight. Opening Model: Clips Opening, Wheel Handle. Approval: ABS, BV, CCS etc.

  • Marine Mooring Bollard

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    Marine Mooring Bollard

    Material: Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel etc. Type: Curved bollard, J type bollard, T-head bollard etc. Colour: Customized.

  • Welding Wires ER 70S-6

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    Welding Wires ER 70S-6

    ER 70S-6 welding wire belongs to copper-plated low-alloy gas shielded wire, use of CO2 or argon for the protection gas welding.

  • Welding Electrodes E 7015

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    Welding Electrodes E 7015

    E 7015 electrode is a kind of carbon steel electrodes. ​E 7015 welding rod is suitable for railway wagons,vehicles, locomotives fabricated by atmospheric corrosion and infection resistance steels as well as structures made by low alloy steels.

  • Marine Windows

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    Marine Windows

    Zhiyou Marine is a proofessional marine windows supplier in China, we specialize in delivering customized design and standard marine products more than 10 years. Descr i ption: There are various marine portlights in ship, such as portholes , rectangular windows , sliding...

  • Marine Sliding Window

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    Marine Sliding Window

    Frame Material: Marine Steel, Aluminum Alloy. Nominal Size:740×500-1030×750mm. Installation Model: Welded and Bolted. Approval: ABS,CCS,LR,BV etc.

  • Fender Panels

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    Fender Panels

    Fender panel is a enclosed fender steel panel, fixed in front of UHWM PE pads. They are mounted in the front of marine rubber fenders to reduce the force between ship hull and fenders and mooring shearing force , and improve the service life of the rubber fenders.

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