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  • Marine Super Cell Rubber Fender

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    Marine Super Cell Rubber Fender

    Description: Super cell type fender is one of the most proven and reliable fenders styles ever designed, and historically has been the most commonly used fender in the industry.

  • Marine Arch Rubber Fender

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    Marine Arch Rubber Fender

    Description: Arch fenders are tough and reliable, simple and long lasting. Providing trouble-free service for a wide variety of berthing even under the most severe conditions.

  • Marine D Shape Rubber Fender

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    Marine D Shape Rubber Fender

    Zhiyou Marine is one of the professional marine D shape fender supplier in China. Description of Marine D Shape Rubber Fender: D-shape fenders are not strictly tugboat fender, they are ideal for smaller quays and wharves serving fishing boats, tugboats, barges and other work...

  • Marine Porthole

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    Marine Porthole

    Zhiyou Marineis a professional marine porthole manufacturer and exporter in china, that is concerned with the sale and production of marine portholes . Description of Marine Porthole: Marine porthole (also called marine scuttle ) is a kind of small and circle shaped window...

  • Welding Mask

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    Welding Mask

    Description: Solar auto welding mask(helmet) can be equipped with different types of dimming mirrors, with different welding arc intensity, automatically keep to a safe range.

  • Welding Electrodes Consumables

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    Welding Electrodes Consumables

    High-efficient Iron Powder Electrodes, Carbon Steel Electrodes, Stainless Steel Electrodes.

  • Marine Airbags

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    Marine Airbags

    Zhiyou Marine is a professional company engaged in the export and sale of marine airbags. Marine airbags are are made of heavy-duty synthetic-tire-cord layers with inner and out rubber layers in long cylindrical balloon shape. The marine airbag is widely used in ship...

  • Welding Wire Consumables

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    Welding Wire Consumables

    Flux Cored Wire, Solid Wire, Argon Arc Wire, Submerged Arc Wire, Stainless Steel Arc Wire.

  • Marine Oil-tight Hatch Cover

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    Marine Oil-tight Hatch Cover

    Material: Marine Steel. Manufacture Standard: JIS-F2320 2005 Oil-tight hatch cover, CB/T 4318-2013 Swiveling type oil tank access cover Approval: ABS, BV, CCS etc.

  • Marine Hatch Cover

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    Marine Hatch Cover

    Material: Marine Steel, Stainless Steel. Type: Weathertight, Fire Proof, Watertight. Opening Model: Clips Opening, Wheel Handle. Approval: ABS, BV, CCS etc.

  • Marine Manhole Cover

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    Marine Manhole Cover

    Material: Marine Steel or Customized. Type: Flush type, Raised type, Embedded type, Multi-bolt type.

  • Marine Fire Proof Window

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    Marine Fire Proof Window

    Frame Material: Marine Steel, Aluminum Alloy. Nominal Size:800×630-1800×900mm. Fire Proof Rating: A60, A0 etc. Opening Type: Fixed or Clips Opening. Installation Model: Welded and Bolted. Approval: ABS,CCS,LR,BV etc.

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