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  • Marine Stern Roller

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    Marine Stern Roller

    Description: Marine stern roller is an important equipment for tugging and towing operation. The manufacture and installation of the stern roller is critical to the good work of ship.

  • Marine Kort Nozzle

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    Marine Kort Nozzle

    Description: A kort nozzle is a hydrodynamically-designed shroud that encircles a ship’s propeller just outside the blade tips. The kort nozzle improves the overall efficiency of the propeller at low speeds (below ten knots).

  • Marine Fenders

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    Marine Fenders

    Zhiyou Marine is a marine fender supplier in Shanghai China. We export various rubber fenders in worldwide. Description: Marine fenders is one for the terminal or ship edge using elastic buffer device, mainly used to slow down or ship between ship and the wharf on shore or in...

  • Marine Shaft System

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    Marine Shaft System

    Description: Marine shaft system which is a kind of transmission mechanism that couples with main engine or gearbox to deliver power to marine propeller.

  • Pressure Vessel Tank

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    Pressure Vessel Tank

    Description: Pressure vessel tank is a closed vessel that holds a gas or liquid and carries a certain pressure. Zhiyou pressure vessel tank can be stainless steel such as 304 or 316 grade and carbon steel.

  • Marine Unit Elements Rubber Fender

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    Marine Unit Elements Rubber Fender

    Description: Unit elements type fenders are a high performance, modular system. Elements can be combined in unlimited permutations of length, orientation and energy index to suit a wide variety of applications.

  • Customized Marine Hatch

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    Customized Marine Hatch

    Zhiyou Marine has a capability to design and fabricate customized marine hatch for many different clients. Description of Customized Marine Hatch: This customized marine hatches are designed and manufactured especially for ocean engineering vessel. Nominal size which is also...

  • 6 Dog Marine Weathertight Door

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    6 Dog Marine Weathertight Door

    Zhiyou Marine is leading manufacturer and supplier of 6 dog marine weathertight door in China, specializing all series of marine doors . Description of 6 Dog Marine Weathertight Door: The 6 dog marine weathertight door is a widely using type of marine weathertight door....

  • Marine Cylindrical Rubber Fender

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    Marine Cylindrical Rubber Fender

    Description: Cylindrical fenders are simple to install and operate which makes these units an economical solution for remote location and for many user berths where vessel types can not always be predicted.

  • Marine Cone Rubber Fender

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    Marine Cone Rubber Fender

    Description: The Cone fender is the result of continuous product development. This fender design is based on the cell fender which was introduced to world-wide markets more than 25 years ago.

  • Panama Chocks

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    Panama Chocks

    Zhiyou Marine is a professional dealer in marine industry for decades, our products of Panama chocks are well saled all of the world. Description of Panama Chocks: The periphery of the panama chocks are made into lip shape to protect mooring ropes from being cut by bulwark...

  • Marine Aluminum Window

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    Marine Aluminum Window

    Zhiyou Marine is one of the professional marine aluminum window supplier in China. Our aluminum marine windows are sale to many shipyards. Description of Marine Aluminum Window: Zhiyou Marine aluminum window frames are made of anodized aluminum that can work well under...

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