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welding masks

  • Welding Electrodes Consumables

    Contact Now Welding Electrodes ConsumablesHigh-efficient Iron Powder Electrodes, Carbon Steel Electrodes, Stainless Steel Electrodes.

  • Welding Electrodes E 7015

    Contact Now Welding Electrodes E 7015E 7015 electrode is a kind of carbon steel electrodes. ​E 7015 welding rod is suitable for railway wagons,vehicles, locomotives fabricated by atmospheric corrosion and infection resistance steels as well as structures made by low alloy steels.

  • Welding Mask

    Contact Now Welding MaskDescription: Solar auto welding mask(helmet) can be equipped with different types of dimming mirrors, with different welding arc intensity, automatically keep to a safe range.

  • Welding Wires ER 70S-6

    Contact Now Welding Wires ER 70S-6ER 70S-6 welding wire belongs to copper-plated low-alloy gas shielded wire, use of CO2 or argon for the protection gas welding.

  • Welding Wire Consumables

    Contact Now Welding Wire ConsumablesFlux Cored Wire, Solid Wire, Argon Arc Wire, Submerged Arc Wire, Stainless Steel Arc Wire.

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