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  • Pressure Vessel Tank

    Contact Now Pressure Vessel TankDescription: Pressure vessel tank is a closed vessel that holds a gas or liquid and carries a certain pressure. Zhiyou pressure vessel tank can be stainless steel such as 304 or 316 grade and carbon steel.

  • Marine Shaft System

    Contact Now Marine Shaft SystemDescription: Marine shaft system which is a kind of transmission mechanism that couples with main engine or gearbox to deliver power to marine propeller.

  • Marine Kort Nozzle

    Contact Now Marine Kort NozzleDescription: A kort nozzle is a hydrodynamically-designed shroud that encircles a ship’s propeller just outside the blade tips. The kort nozzle improves the overall efficiency of the propeller at low speeds (below ten knots).

  • Marine Stern Roller

    Contact Now Marine Stern RollerDescription: Marine stern roller is an important equipment for tugging and towing operation. The manufacture and installation of the stern roller is critical to the good work of ship.

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