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Welding Mask Standard
Jan 03, 2017

Welding mask quality shall conform to GB3609. 1-94 provisions.

1 • mask size should be consistent with the relevant provisions.

2 • weight and thickness

Headband face mask (not including filters and protection) 560g, hand-500g.

Mask material thickness is 1. 5mm(0. 2mm。

3 • structural requirements:

(1) the observation window, filter, protection sheet and size to fit, to have good fixtures, not leaking into the radiation from the gap.

(2) the rivets and other parts must be firm, not loose and fall off. Metal parts do not come into contact with a human face.

(3) put on the glasses and the convenience of tilt under.

4 • mask materials:

Non conductive material must be used. Fire resistance performance of the test, the burning rate should be less than 760mm/min, metal parts with 10% salt soak for 15 minutes, do not rub the liquid on the surface to dry for 24 hours at room temperature, and then wash with warm water. Observation of surface should not be changed to qualify.

5 • filter and protection of optical and strength properties with the same welding goggles.

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