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Welding And Welding Test What Are The Differences And Connections?
Jan 03, 2017

Technology assessment and welding test is mainly the difference between the two experiments, testing methods and effects of different brazing welding procedure qualification test is small preview is verification of welded joints can meet the requirements of the product, is the pressure vessel manufacturing unit equipped with the product logo. A welding test can learn about welding methods of metal, the adaptability, welding material match, it is reasonable to choose the welding parameters (such as the preheating temperature, interpass temperature and heat input).

In short, weldability test is the premise and basis of welding procedure qualification, is the basis of development of welding instruction.

JB set out in 4708-2000 of the pressure vessel welding: welding procedure qualification should be based on reliable steel weldability. If you do not know metal prior to welding, welding technology of elaboration of instructions. the preparation of welding procedure specification, welding parameters and process measures often fail to effectively address problems with welds, prone to defects or reduced performance of welded joints ... cannot guarantee the performance of welded joints. Welding procedure qualification is not welded plates, processed samples, mechanical testing, qualified on the line. A welding test, understand the welding of metallic materials, and to choose the appropriate welding method and welding materials, determine the proper welding parameters. can guarantee the weld joint to meet anticipated demand.

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