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Weldability Test Of What Was The Purpose? How To Test?
Jan 03, 2017

The weldability of the material refers to the material has to adapt the welding process and after the welding process can safe operation under the conditions of use. Welding covers two aspects, is a complete welded joints welding materials can be formed, combining performance; the second is welded joints under the conditions of use of the complete safety run, using performance. Materials weldability tests aimed at assessing weldability of metal.

Weldability test is divided into two large categories of indirect and direct methods. Indirect method without after welding through metal itself of chemical components estimates, as calculation carbon equivalent cold crack sensitive index Pc and Pm, and elimination stress crack sensitive index households fine,; determination metal of continuous cooling change State figure, and on metal for welding hot simulation test,, these method simple convenient, general situation Xia mills or research units has do had test, about formula, and chart, and data are can check to.

Usually Institute of materials and metals production enterprises in the development of new materials, new steel grades at the same time, the weldability of the material is adequate testing. even developed a complete set of welding materials, recommend suitable welding process. At the same time promote the use of such materials and weldability and its supporting the use of welding consumables, prone to defects, problems in welding process introduction to the user. If the user has mastered, there is no need to repeat the welding test. This is the unit of pressure vessel manufacture and installation of the best ways to master the material weldability.

When installing the unit in the use of new materials in pressure vessel manufacture, has accumulated a lot of valuable experience and has published numerous articles in publications, learning from these experiences, new material weldability is also a way.

Through the above two approaches also fail to grasp the metal when welding, pressure registers making installation units that can make the necessary welding test. Direct method is to consider the product of binding, effect of welding thermal cycle, hydrogen and other factors, under certain conditions, with less shirt made of material specimens. check research or tests on the specimens after welding. There are five national standards of welding tests.

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