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Robots Are Coming, New Style Of Shipbuilding
Mar 07, 2018

Recently, a famous South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries has unveiled its intention to start using robots to construct ships in an effort to improve efficiency and cut costs.

The move comes on the back of year-long testing of robotic systems which the company conducted at its Ulsan shipyard.
According to HHI (Hyundai Heavy Industries), the robotic sistem, which is based on the Internet of Things and automation technologies, automatically shapes a vessel’s 3-D curved surface.
Equipped with a high-frequency inductive heating system and a multi-joint arm, the system is expected to increase productivity by three times, improve the quality of the end product, and result in cost savings of about KRW 10 billion per year.

In  2013, Hyundai Heavy Industries successfully developed a marine  micro-welding robot and started using the welding robot for  shipbuilding. The robot's compact design allows it to operate in cramped and human-friendly locations. The six joints of the robot can perform almost all types of welding work at constant speed. In addition, the robot is equipped with magnets that allow it to work on steel walls or ceilings. The entire machine weighs only 15 kg and the operator can handle 3 machines at a time to increase productivity by 3 times. In  addition to soldering, the micro robot can perform the work of steel  cutting (buying and selling of steel products), blasting and painting  (buying and supplying of steel products) according to the actual demand  by installing different software (product purchasing and supply).

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