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New Year Greeting Of Zhiyou Marine
Jan 02, 2018

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At the moment of celebrating the new-coming year of 2018, and looking back the exciting year of 2017. We Zhiyou Marine would like to thank all of our members and clients for contributing and supporting.

Everything we have achieved this year is a spectacular one. Our staff, who dedicated their time and passions, are all exceed our expectations. Every project they finished, every email they sent, even every word they wrote are all gathered their wisdom.

On this occasion, we would like to thank our clients for cooperating with us and giving the trust to us. The massive influx of new and old clients, who sent their demands to us has led to our business expanding. As a result, our business range enlarged to the marine outfitting, marine equipment, marine fenders, welding consumables, steel structure products etc. In this year, we visited one of our clients, and gotten a memorable experience. We noticed that it is a good method by sharing the joying with our clients face to face, and we will continue this in the future.

We also want to thank the people who unselfish helping and sharing their knowledge to us, Even though, some of them are competitors. Their precious words and experiences which we often draw strength from heads us to one victory to another.

At the same time, we also want to thank those people who provide us with network technology services. They have devoted a great deal of effort of construction and maintenance of website working makes every single email and communication so smooth and fluid. And this effort is an indispensable support force that makes our business increase and prosperity.

On our own, 2017 is an extraordinary and phenomenal year. In the new-coming year of 2018, we Zhiyou Marine will keep this enthusiasm and move on.

Happy New Year!

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