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New Challenge, New Success
Aug 07, 2017


Successful sea trial on 1st August 2017.

Over the course of the several months before, Zhiyou Marine successfully handed over 3 set/ship marine aluminum wheelhouse windows and marine aluminum watertight doors. It is a great step and important cooperation of Astinave Shipyard Ecuador.

Years ago, Zhiyou Marine has always attached importance to product quality and certification. This batch of products was approved by LR, which is member of IACS in the world. In the general sense, most of watertight products are made of steel, due to its special physical property, aluminum alloy is barely used in high pressure watertight part. For this reason, it is a new opportunity and challenge which require us more workmanship during production, but we Zhiyou Marine faced this challenge bravely and did it well and gain praise from clients.

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Zhiyou Marine has been doing marine products for many years, and have a long-time cooperation with many shipyards worldwide. Good quality of products is not only what we have been working for but also the good service. We sincerely wish forming new relationship with you in the future.




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