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Marintec China, We Are Here
Dec 07, 2017

Every two years maritime event, and this year Marintec China continue its dedication to serve as the “LEADING” platform “CONNECTING” the community and “STRENGTHENING” the maritime industry. As the largest maritime exhibition in Asia and the second largest in the world, Marintec China is a bridge and link for the international maritime community to seek all-dimensional and multi-level cooperation.

marintec China

As a localized maritime supply company in Shanghai, Zhiyou Marine and many Chinese maritime companies witnessed and experienced the growth and expansion of the maritime field of China. Based in China, and serve the world. More than 10 years development and extension. Nowadays, the business range of Zhiyou Marine has involved in shipbuilding, ship repair, harbor construction, and chemical industry. And clients in Southeast Asia, Europe, North and South America and won a good reputation among them.

In the future, we are willing to work with you to witness the development and prosperity of the maritime filed.

For more please email us or visit our web: www.zhiyoumarine.com.

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