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Marine Window - Marine Aluminum Window
Nov 15, 2017

Marine Aluminum Window

Lightweight but no less than the strength of steel, this kind of marine aluminum window now become a favorite of shipbuilding industry. Especially for tugboats, yachts even to be a excellent replacement of marine wheelhouse window for ordinary marine steel ships. Additionally, self anti-corrosion material makes it can work in adverse sea condition.

Features of marine aluminum window:

Material: aluminum alloy.

Glass: safety toughness glass or darken glass.

Size and shapes: can be customized.

Installation: bolted in the bulkhead.

Performance of marine aluminum window for reference please click here.

 marine aluminum window for tugboat.jpg

Zhiyou Marine is a professional marine products supplier in China. We have exported marine aluminum window for many countries. If this product interests you, please contact us as below:

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