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How Is The Marine Panel Manufactured?
Aug 15, 2017

How is the marine panel manufactured?


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Marine panel which is also named impingement plate that mount in the front of marine fenders to protect the ship hull from the risk of damage. For this purpose, it comprises a steel structure and a plurality of plastic laminated boards, wherein the plastic laminated boards are made of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (PE face pads), each plastic laminated board is respectively and tightly fastened on the outer side surface of the steel structure through plastic board fastening screw bolts, and the plastic laminated boards are mutually matched for forming an marine panel part, and the impingement plate part is in a structure with the inclined periphery and the circular arc double turning corners in the transition fit.


Considering that marine panel takes very important role of marine fendering system, so how is the marine panel manufactured? Please continue reading down below:

1. Cutting


After well versed in the design drawings completely, lofting and marking-off the steel frame parts. The photo shows plasma cutting the steel plates.

2. Rivet welding


Locating and primary welding the cutting plate according the design drawings.

3. Inspecting dimensions


Measuring each part to ensure that the products meet the requirements of design drawings. At the same time, correcting the wrong welding parts.

4. Welding


According to the drawings, welding each parts firmly. Remove welding slags, eliminate welding stress, and then paint anti-rust coating.

5. Sealing inspection


Checking each weld joint carefully make sure there is no solder skips, incomplete weld and other phenomena.

6. Sand blast


Sa 2.5 sand blasting.

7. Painting


One layer anti-rust priming coating and more than two layers finishing coating. This photo shows coating thickness inspection.

8. Spark adhesion check


Detecting the dew point of the spray-paint, and checking the strength of the paint coating.

9. Mount PE face pads


Mounting PE face pads on the steel frame.

10. Package


Cleaning the marine panel surface and make sure it can be carefully packaged.

With reducing the friction force between a ship hull and the surface of the rubber fender, reducing the surface pressure exerted on a ship side board, reducing the mooring shearing force, and improve the service life of the marine rubber fenders. Marine panel is suitable for many kinds of marine fenders, such as marine cone fender, marine super cell fender, marine arch fender etc. Moreover, in order to improve the marine fendering system ability of corrosion in seawater. Fitting components material can be H.D.G (hot-dip galvanizing)or stainless steel.


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