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Marine Mooring Equipment
Oct 25, 2017

As a part of marine outfitting equipment, Zhiyou Marine can also suppy many kinds of mooring equipment.

marine bollard mooring bollard.jpgMooring Bollard

Mooring bollard is installed on the deck of bow/stern and the mid-deck of the ship for fastening the ropes during berthing and towing operations. Cast iron mooring bollard is usually used in oil tankers to avoid the spark when mooring. Bollards on yachts are usually made of bronze, stainless steel or other alloy materials. The specification of cable piles are selected according to the diameter of the cable.

66012-9726421.jpgMarine Chocks

The periphery of marine chocks are made into lip shape to protect the mooring line from being cut by the bulwark and also for bulwark not being worm by the mooring cable, to facilitate the smooth pass off the end eye ring of the tether. Steel chock are usually used in large and medium-size ships. The welded installation type chocks are commonly installed in the small ships.

mooring roller-fairlead.jpgFairleads

Fairleads are used to guide the cable through and to change direction or to restrict its export position without damaging the cables.

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