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Marine Fenders And Marine Bollards
Jan 26, 2018

As one of professional dealer in marine and offshore industry for decades in China, Zhiyou Marine has a wealth experience on marine fenders and marine bollards.

Zhiyou Marine fenders and bollards are supplied to many countries for many years. For those new-building ports, the fenders and bollards are shipped together to clients. Before delivery, the marine fenders are fully tested and meet the standards related. And the marine bollards are also manufactured according with the design calculation and drawings.

Marine Fenders

marine super cell fender

Marine Super Cell Fender

Marine super cell fender is one of the most proven and reliable fenders styles ever designed, and historically has been the most commonly used fender in the industry. It is unmatched in durability and reliability and has proven itself over decades of service.

Marine cone fender

Marine Cone Fender

Marine cone fender can be considered as the latest in state-of-the-art molded fender products. They provide an excellent energy capability with a low reaction (their designed compress deformation rise from 52.5% to 70% while the reaction force is unchanged).

Marine arch fender

Marine Arch Fender

Marine arch fender is tough and reliable, simple and long lasting. Marine arch rubber fenders are particularly useful for vessels with high allowable hull pressures and for locations where mounting space is limited. It can be fitted vertically or horizontally. Based on the same unit weight of rubber, the energy absorption of arch type fender is 2.3 times higher than D type fender, 3.5 times higher than the cylindrical rubber fender.

Marine unit elements fender

Marine Unit Elements Fender

Marine unit elements fenders are a high performance marine dock bumpers and modular system. Elements can be combined in unlimited permutations of length, orientation and energy index to suit a wide variety of applications. The simplest unit element system is the UE-V fender which employs pairs of elements and a structural UHMW-PE face shield in a choice of black or high visibility colors.

Marine cylindrical fender

Marine Cylindrical Fender

Marine cylindrical fender can be fixed to many types of structure and attached in several different ways-horizontally, vertically or diagonally and can also be adapted to suit wharf corners. The fenders are suspended either by chains, support bars or brackets depending on their size and intended application.

marine roller wheel fender

Marine Roller Wheel Fender

Marine roller wheel fender is a kind of boat dock fenders that commonly used on the berth corners and dock entrances also widely installed along the wall of dry docks and other restricted channels to help guide vessels and prevent hull damage. They can be grounded side-by-side to guide the vessel, vertically to deal with high water level variation or can be mounted at an angle for the large hull angles.

marine tugboat fender

Marine Tugboat Fender

Marine tugboat fenders are often mounted on bow and stern mounted as the main push fenders. These fenders are often used on the bow in combination with Keyhole, M or W fenders. This type of fender by means of a winding process up to a diameter of 1000mm.

Marine Bollards
marine bollard

Marine Bollard

Marine bollards are installed on port for fastening the cable during berthing and towing.Marine mooring bollard types such as curved bollard, J type bollard, T-head bollard etc. The specifications of the marine bollards are selected according to the diameter of the cable and SWL (safety working load).

SWL of Zhiyou Marine bollards are up to 200Tons. The material can be cast iron and cast steel.

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