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Marine Fender Panel
Jul 03, 2018

Marine fender panels play an important role in marine fender system. To absorb a large mount of energy that hitting by marine ships when mooring or porting, and to prevent damage from marine ships' shells as well. Those marine fender panels like many burly guards using their loyal and strong shields to protect the ports with no moaning and blaming, full of sores and wounds, even to contribute their lives.

Making up welded steel frame and PE-face pads, with the continuous advancement of technology, marine panels’ structures also altered and developed. A well-sealed steel chamber frame which is applied for many kinds of marine fenders - super cell fender, cone fender, as well as unit elements fender. The steel chamber frame require a well welding skill when manufacturing the marine panels. This means the sealed chamber ensures the inside of steel frame apart from sea water, and the anti-corrosion coating on which painted on the inside steel frame surface. Those procedures formed a ideal protection from the highly corrosive sea water. At the same time, there are many vertical and horizontal reinforce ribs are welded around the sealed chamber to alleviate the hitting strength and provide a durable and long life span. And the PE-face pads, the forefront part of marine panels also an important role. Ozone resistance, oil resistance, anti-corrosion, etc, the marine panels who work well don't do it alone. Somewhere along the way, they might be the defenders who are the easiest damaged one. So choosing a company who can offer both elements above is a right way for those people who want to alter or renew your port marine panels. And now Zhiyou Marine is truly the one you can't miss it.

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Zhiyou Marine has been committed to service, sales, products and solutions for decades, especially suit to marine engineering industry, from shipbuilding to marine harbor applications. We worked closely with our clients to design, install, maintain our marine products. If any further questions remain and you wish to speak with us directly, please send us email to ask your requirements, we will do our best to make your requirements reality.

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