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Marine Airbag For Ship Launching
Dec 26, 2017

Zhiyou Marine airbags manufacturing standards as follow:

CB/T 3837-1998 Technological Requirements for ship Upgrading or Launching Relying on Airbags (Shipbuilding Industry Standard, PRC).

CB/T 3795-2009 Air bag for ship up to or down to launching way (Shipbuilding Industry Standard, PRC).

ISO 17682 Ship sand marine technology —Methodology for launching ship utilizing air bags.

Zhiyou Marine airbags are made of heavy-duty synthetic-tire-cord layers with inner and out rubber layers in long cylindrical balloon shape. The marine airbag is widely used in ship upgrading or launching, caissons lifting, heavy handling, underwater installation of buoyancy and other fields.

Generally, the striking feature of marine launching airbags are suitable for many kinds of marine ships: oil tanker, tugboat, barge, ferries etc. The largest launching weight is 85,000 DWT.

Marine airbag drawing please click here.

marine airbag stucture

Marine airbag consists of outer rubber layer, multi-layer heavy duty composite tire cord layer, inner vulcanized firmly rubber layer. Picture shown on the left is the profile structure of marine airbag. Depending on the multi-layer structure, marine airbags can withstand abrasion and other external forces, even under tough circumstances.

marine airbag accessories

The diameter of marine airbags is 0.8m, 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m. Length is from 6m to 18m. Customized dimensions can be manufactured as requirements. Accessories are pressure gauge, inflation tube, air valve, gasket etc.

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A PDF document please click here.

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