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How To Control The Construction Quality?
Jan 03, 2017

① welding test for some steel products, in front of the technology evaluation, of weldability tests should be carried out in accordance with the regulations and requirements.

② the procedure qualification test product manufacturing unit should be the product of technical regulations and technical requirements, and the provisions of procedure qualification standard, the design procedure qualification test and procedure qualification test conditions must correspond to the conditions of production. Technology assessment used by base metal and welding material should be identical to the actual production, welding procedure qualification test must be performed by skilled welders. In addition, assessment test, the strike also consider welding methods, steel types and specifications categories, welding materials, preheating temperature, current and polarity, interpass temperature, multilayer or single pass welding, welding heat input, joint and welding position.

③ process technological rules-file by the manufacturing technology sector according to the test results, for important products, but through product review finalized after validation of the simulation. Process regulations are regulations that must be followed in the production.

④ welding preparation qualification of welders for welding preparation including Zha ' Lofting, cutting, bevel processing pretreatment, welding materials, hot and cold forming, drying, and so on. Products manufactured in the loft, cutting shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant technical requirements. Groove forms, dimensions, tolerances and surface quality required to comply with the relevant standards.

Participation of welding welding welders welding procedure specification should be made eligible at the production site should have the necessary technical information. Welding and dismantle the Assembly location should be strict and careful, and according to technological requirements for appropriate post weld repair.

⑤ After treatment when the product specification requirements in the welding process (such as stress-relief treatment), should be carried out according to the products of the heat treatment process.

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