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How To Choose A Marine Door?
Mar 15, 2017

Marine door is an important part of marine outfitting project. Zhiyou marine can supply weathertight door, watertight door, fire proof door and watertight hydraulic door etc.

1, Weathertight door


As the name implies, weathertight door is a kind of marine access door which is required to installed at the entrance of both ends of the enclosed superstructure above the freeboard deck. Most of them are steel and aluminum alloy material. Its structure similar with hinge-type watertight door, but the door leaf is thinner and the number of door clips are less. It can ensure weathertight only.

2,Watertight door


Marine watertight door which is in the form of hinge and sliding model. There are two following types when it used on board.

(1) Hinged watertight door: It can be required to quickly open and close on both sides.

(2) Sliding watertight door: It is made of steel. There are two kinds of traverse and vertical action according to the sliding direction. According to the operated mode, there are manual and power control modes (closing time of not more than 90 seconds by manual control, and not exceed 60 seconds by power control).

All watertight doors on board should keep closed during voyage and must be closed all time. Watertight doors (whether manual or power control) which are installed on watertight bulkheads can be operated on daily duty. Watertight doors are to be checked regularly at least once a week during voyage.

3, Steel light door


This kind of marine door is light and simple structure, installed in the non-confidential requirements of the storage room and other cabin at the entrance on ship.

4, Fire proof door


In order to prevent the fire on board, the relevant Convention and the maritime authorities have stipulated that the insulation material which can be used to protect the flame and limit the temperature of the back surface can be divided into a plurality of main vertical zones. This main vertical zones bulkhead are fire proof bulkheads. Fire proof door is installed on this bulkheads. It has an equivalent fire-resistant separation effect from the bulkhead of the installation. Mostly its door leaf and door frame were made of steel, and inlaid asbestos and other refractory fire insulation.

According to its fire resistance, there are three fire class: class A , B  and C. Class A is the highest and C is the lowest fire resistance. In the aisle of the fire door also requires a self-closing type, when the fire of its ambient temperature exceeds 90℃, it can shut down automatically to prevent the spread of fire.

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