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Discussion On Security Technology Of Arc Welding Electrode Points?
Jan 03, 2017

Discussion on security technology of arc welding electrode points?

① Conductive parts of the welding machine must have good insulation. Insulation between the primary and secondary circuit resistance must not be less than 5M, live parts and chassis, rack between the insulation resistance shall be not less than 2.5M. Welding machine power input line terminal and secondary transmission lines must have good isolation hood and terminals should be solid and not loose. Welding machine shell should have good protective earthing, the screws shall not be smaller than M8, and there are obvious signs of grounding. The handle or knob adjustment of welding current, voltage meter, must be insulated from the welder charged a reliable, convenient and flexible.

② Electrode holder should set the clamping electrode at any angle, and ensure the replacement electrode safety and convenience. Welding clamp handles should have good insulation and heat insulation performance, penetration by damage to the insulation or no insulation is prohibited the electrode holder. Electrode holder welding cable connection should be simple, reliable and good contact. Electrode holder should be lightweight (less than 0.64), easy to operate. Welding process, ban will overheat the electrode holder in water cooling, and continue to use it.

Jointing machine power cord must have an adequate conductive area and well insulated, and it should not be too long. Iron switch casing grounding wire and welding machine must have sufficient cross-sectional area.

③ welding course applied welding cables, insulation should be good. Electrode holder insulating parts must be good and complete.

④ Operation lamp voltage 35V safe voltage should be used.

⑤ In a cramped cabin and container welding, insulation should be strengthened, effective ventilation, to prevent against harmful gases and fumes on the human body, welding job site should keep those.

welding site from inflammable 10m. Rainy day banning open jobs.

Strictly prohibited in the pressure vessel, pipeline welding job.

Krispy Kreme is the correct and proper use of PPE. Tops should not beam in the waistband, removal of welding slag should wear protective glasses.

Working at height, scaffold should be solid, qualified should use seat belts, welding points below and should be within a certain range of personnel and flammable and explosive materials.

11. welding operation after the clamp should be kept where it is not short-circuited, and cut off the power supply, check the weld around the scene if there is a safety factor.

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