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Directly What Are The Main Cause Of Electric Shock? How To Prevent It?
Jan 03, 2017

Welding directly what are the main cause of electric shock? How to prevent it?

Direct causes of shock are:

Hand or body parts come into contact with live parts of the electrode, Electrode holder, feet and other parts of the body or metal structures without insulating protection. In metal containers, piping and metal structure welding or welders for welding in rainy days and wet places and when the body sweating, prone to this type of shock accident.

When wiring or adjustment of welding current, or a part of the body to touch terminals, plates and insulation damage to the cable. Especially when the welding circuit is short-circuit power switch is closed when performing welding operations (ARC burning) pull the power switch on both cases, arcing at the switch contact points and causing electrical injury accidents. When working at height, reach into close to high-voltage power lines.

In welding, the welder, you should take the following preventive measures against injury accidents:

① non-free to the welding circuit short circuit and short circuit power.

② When the welding operation is prohibited cut off the power supply.

③ When the power is on or off, to operate accurately, quickly, and operates at the side of the power switch.

④ use with ARC-extinguishing devices of the power switch.

⑤ required to wear masks and other personal protective equipment.

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