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Direction Of Opening And Symbolic Designation Of Marine Doors And Windows
Mar 29, 2017

Direction of Opening and Symbolic Designation of Marine Doors and Windows

ISO/ R 1226-1970,GB 11874-1989

1. Scope

This article for opening direction and symbolic of marine doors and windows which are suitable for rotating around the vertical axis. The horizontal rotation (marine sliding doors and windows) are not.


2. Terminology

2.1 Clockwise opening (See Pic. 2.1).

Clocking rotation when doors or windows opening.


2.2 Anti-clockwise opening (See Pic. 2.2).

Anti-clocking rotation when doors or windows opening.


2.3 Opening surface (See Pic. 2.1, 2.2).

Located in the direction of doors or windows opening.


2.4 Inside opening.

Opening surface of doors or windows open to interior.


2.5 Outside opening.

Opening surface of doors or windows open to outside.

Opening direction 2.1_副本.jpg

2.1 Clockwise opening                    

Opening direction 2.2_副本.jpg

2.2 Anti-clockwise opening

3. Definition of opening direction

3.1 The direction of rotation when the doors and windows are opened, as a symbol of the opening of the doors or windows.


3.2 When the concept of inside and outside confusion, such as in the two similar nature between the compartment (cabin) of the door, which is located in the door of opening surface, and it belongs to the compartment (cabin).

4. Symbolic of opening direction

Opening direction

Opening direction 6.0_副本.jpg

Left opening (Definition 3.1)

Right inside opening (Definition 3.2)
Opening direction 6.1_副本.jpg

Left opening (Definition 3.1)

Left outside opening (Definition 3.2)
Opening direction 5.0_副本.jpg

Right opening (Definition 3.1)

Left inside opening (Definition 3.2)
Opening direction 5.1_副本.jpgRight opening (Definition 3.1)
Right outside opening (Definition 3.2)

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