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Customized Marine Deck Scuppers Delivery
Apr 18, 2018

This batch of deck scuppers are based on the standard of People's Republic of China Shipbuilding Industry Standard CB/T 3885-2004 Deck Drain.  Material of the deck scuppers are marine steel and stainless steel (SUS316).

marine scupper
SUS316 deck scupper
Galvanized thickness test
Leak test

There are no scratches, no traces and other defects on the surface of marine deck scuppers, and smooth welds, no holes on welding surface.

Galvanized thickness is from 130-160 μm which is more than standard requirement.

Clipping the deck scupper on test table, then filling pressured water (0.12-0.2 Mpa) in it. There is no water leakage from sealing surface and welding parts.

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