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Argon Tungsten Arc Welding Operations, What Protective Measures Should Be Taken To Help Prevent Electric Shock Accidents?
Jan 03, 2017

Protective eyewear manufacturers to introduce under argon tungsten arc welding operations, what protective measures should be taken to help prevent electric shock accidents?

TIG welding is the main risk factor shock.

Tungsten very argon arc welding Shi, its arc welding power (arc welding transformer, and arc welding generator, and arc welding inverse variable device,) of no-load voltage for 60-80V, above security voltage (36V); Dang used non-contact (non-short-circuit) method introduction arc Shi, high frequency oscillation device or high pressure pulse generator will output thousands of v of high pressure electric, and is hands operation (a handheld light wire. a handheld torch this situation Xia, if welder of gloves, and overalls and the work shoes damaged, and wet, or torch line of insulation bad and welder operation improper,, Are likely to occur while welding electric shock accident.

In argon tungsten arc welding job, welders must strictly enforce the relevant safety procedures, and comply with the following shock-proof security.

① wear dry clothing, rubber shoes, wearing good gloves.

II shall be confirmed checking research welding machine and control box enclosure after reliable earthing or neutral, to be plugged in.

③ torches and wires (including the control switch on the welding gun and control wires) of insulation must be reliable when when the water cooled torches are used, you must always check the water system to prevent electric shock caused by the leak.

④ welding torch nozzle must not be close to the ear, face and other exposed parts of the body to test the shielding gas flow, in particular the use of high frequency and high voltage or high voltage pulse arc ignition and steady arc, shall be strictly prohibited the practice.

⑤ Tungsten electrodes and adjust or replace the torch nozzle, you must cut off the power supply of high frequency and high voltage pulse generator. Charged with bare hands is not allowed to replace tungsten electrode and nozzle.

⑥ When the tungsten electrode and nozzle temperature is high, the high frequency or high voltage pulse to penetrate air-gap and conductive, so when the weld is stopped, should be promptly cut off high frequency oscillators or pulse generators for power, serious thermal shock and to prevent accidental arcing again.

Sadly, during the welding process, shall not operate filler wire with bare hands.

⑦Welding process, welding equipment when an electrical fault occurs, immediately cut off the power supply, welder shall not be charged fault finding and repair.

Other arc welding electrode for electrical shock hazard protection and other security measures and are basically the same.

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