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Continuous Supply: Another 8 Tons E 7015 Welding Electrodes To Wudongde Hydro-power Station Project
Jul 31, 2017

Continuous Supply: Another 8 Tons E 7015 Welding Electrodes To Wudongde Hydro-power Station Project

Wudongde Hydro-power Station Project, located at the mainstream of Jinsha River between Yuannan and Sichuan Province of China, which is the third largest hydro-power Station project in China.

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Zhiyou Marine began to support this project about ten months ago, and last month the orders from constructor start to rise. This shows that our first supply of E7015 welding rods was satisfied.


Being a core-supplier of Wudongde Hydro-power project, we work closely with constructor to create a productive atmosphere. Zhiyou Marine has been implementing this at the very beginning. Integrity, professional and passion is a creed that we always bear in mind.


E7015 welding electrodes is a kind of carbon steel electrode, which is suitable for railway wagons, vehicles, locomotives fabricated by atmospheric corrosion and infection resistance steels as well as structures made by low alloy steels. Due to its good metal welding performance, it has become the most commonly used products.


With the establishment of Zhiyou Marine, we strive to be one of the best suppliers on welding consumables of China. For this purpose Zhiyou Marine built a long-team cooperation with many organizations and enterprises. Our welding consumables contents: welding wires, welding electrodes and welding mask etc.


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