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A60 Watertight Marine Hatch Cover
Nov 24, 2017

A60 watertight marine hatch cover is designed for marine ships' bulkhead where is fireproof and watertight place requirements.

Shapes of the marine hatch covers is rectangle and circle with quick acting wheel handle which can opening or closing on both sides. Spring hinges, not only reduce the opening strength of the hatch cover plate, but but this stable structure hinges also reduces maintenance costs.

hatch cover for ships

A60 Hatch cover for ships

watertight hatch cover

A60 Watertight hatch cover

Dimensions of A60 watertight hatch cover.

Nominal Size
Deck Cutting Size
Inner Size
External Size
Cover Thickness
Coaming Thickness
640×640 670×670 720×720 12 12
700×700 740×740 770×770 820×820
800×800 840×840 770×770 820×820
Φ640 Φ670 Φ720
Φ650 Φ690 Φ720 Φ770
Φ700 Φ740 Φ770 Φ820
Φ750 Φ790 Φ820 Φ870
Φ800 Φ840 Φ870 Φ920

More dimensions please contact us: sales@zhiyoumarine.com.

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