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A Little Contribution For Wudongde Hydropower Project
Apr 10, 2017

Wudongde Hydro Power Project

Zhiyou Marine has become one of the core suppliers for Wudongde Hydropower Project on 7th April.


E 7015 (AWS E10015-G, EN code:757-E 55 4 Z BT, ISO code 18275-B-E6915-G P) welding electrodes are shipping to Wudongde Hydropower in Yunnan province China.

Specification: E 7015, Dia.4.6×400 mm.

More info about E 7015 welding electrodes please click here.

A 3-page PDF (KB)

A 2-page PDF document of E 7015 welding electrodes.

More welding consumables please click here.



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