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20 Ton ER70S-6 Welding Wire To Argentina
Mar 22, 2018

In the early of this month, Zhiyou Marine has exported another 20 ton ER70S-6 welding wire to Argentina.

er70s-6 welding wire2

ER70S-6 welding wire is a kind of copper-plated low-alloy steel gas shielded welding wire and uses CO2 or argon-enriched  gas as shielding gas for welding. It has excellent welding process  performance, stable arc burning, less spatter, beautiful appearance of  weld seam, and low sensitivity of weld metal porosity. Position  welding process is good, can be suitable for a wide range of welding  current. It is suitable for single-track and multi-pass welding of  carbon steel and 500MPa grade low alloy steel (such as welding of  vehicles, bridges, buildings, mechanical structures, etc.), also can be used for sheet and pipes high speed welding.

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